The Organic Okanagan Festival is the Okanagan's finest green living expo!

Click here for more information about this year's 12th Annual Organic Okanagan Festival on Sunday September 24th, 2017.

The Okanagan Greens Society is producing the most accessible and enjoyable annual green living celebration in the Okanagan Valley and we believe the Organic Okanagan Festival (OOF) is representative of modern cultural diversity. We host a dynamic event and aim to educate with entertainment, showcasing vital information and growing green initiatives in the Okanagan community.  Participants learn and engage in an exchange of goods, ideas, art and inspiration, which in turn nurtures a healthy community life-cycle.

The Organic Okanagan Festival has proven impact; we have hosted for over 11 years in a row with an annual attendance of up to 70 exhibitors and over 600 to 1000 happy attendees. In total we have raised more than $11 500 for the Kelowna Community Food Bank.

Okanagan and eco-conscious, natural and thought provoking, the Organic Okanagan Festival is your community-based event showcasing our growing green choices.

Click here for festival archives from past years.